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Zeeman Campagne
Ellen van Exter
The Jordan - Temptation
Denk Maar Aan Iets Blauws - by Jerry de Mars
Shoeby Nails
Calistas Autumn by Estelle Klawitter
Dr Jetske Ultee - Powder
Dr Jetske Ultee - Concealer
De Staat - Tie Me Down feat. LUWTEN (Official Video)

De Staat - Tie Me Down feat. LUWTEN (Official Video)

Best Music Video - South Film and Arts Academy Festival Finalist Short To The Point Festival Bubble Gum: ‘’De Staat - Tie Me Down feat. Luwten’’ - Director: Ruben Van Leer Concept: Tessa Douwstra (LUWTEN), Torre Florim, Ruben Van Leer Creation: RVL_studio Produced by: Mr.Frank Producers: Sjoerd Dekker, Miguel Teixeira, Mathilda Hedberg, Ruben Van Leer Director of Photography: Mick Van Rossum, NSC Editor: Philip Smeulers Choreographer: Antonin Comestaz 1st​ AD: Eritia de Jonghe 2nd AD: Senne de Beul Art Department: Jelier & Schaaf Art Director: Ralf van Lanen Set Dresser: Huib Raeven Assistants: Mara Baas, Silvana Araoz Stunt Department: Stuntteam de Beukelaer Stunt coordinator: Marco Maas Stunt rigging: Brian van der Vooren, Paul Koops, JP Dekam, Saskia Neville, Staz Lazdan, Joey van Rijthoven Postproduction: Darlings VFX Manager: Robert Okker VFX Supervisor: Lise Prudhomme 3D: Tim Van Helsdingen, Alex Doss Compositing: Lise Prudhomme, Randy Roemeon, Ruben Van Leer Roto & paint: Noa Graphics Studio Grading: George Balatoni 1st AC: Vincent Geijsel Gaffer: Paul Wilens Best Girl: Karina van der Berg Grip: Tim de Heer Styling: April Jumelet Make-up & Hair: Ellen van Exter Assistant: Dominique Rikken Set Photography: Petra Katanic Sound FX & Audio Mix: Guido Maat (Audentity) Production Assistents: Adam Crick, Kathy Shiavong, Nadine Haselier, Billal Slimani Camera Equipment: Cam-a-lot Light Equipment: Lites Amsterdam Grip: Gripwise Studio: Amsterdam Studios Windmachines: Elementum FX Stock: GettyImages Special thanks to: Henk de Vries, Bo Polak, Berthine Van Dalen, Joris Oosterman, MoolChand Moond, Arjo Klingens, Jelle Schotanus - De Staat - Tie Me Down Produced by Torre Florim Co-produced by De Staat Engineered / Mixed by Torre Florim Mastered by Darius van Hefteren Recorded at De Staat Studios / De Basis / Nijmegen / The Netherlands - Song by Torre Florim & Tessa Douwstra (Luwten) Words by Torre Florim & Tessa Douwstra (Luwten) Torre Florim: Lead Vocals / Guitars / Synthesizers / Kontakt Strings / Autoharp / Percussion Luwten: Lead Vocals Jop van Summeren: Bass Tim van Delft: Drums / Percussion Vedran Mirčetić: Guitars Rocco Hueting: Guitars / Synthesizers - Lyrics: Tie Me Down Click the bait, pull me in You caught me cold and got me shaking Don’t you claim this domain ‘cause less is more I could be chasing I’m one foot in, one foot out I am free and for the taking   Don’t you ever speak for me I don’t need no moderator   No one’s on my team but me I’m the ball, the coach, the player I don’t need no referee To blow the whistle on me later Oh, are you gonna tie me down? Keep a suitcase at the door Just a little overnighter Sleep with one eye open, one eye closed No bed’s safe when stakes are higher Oh, are you gonna tie me down? Fix me up, slow me down What the fuck did you just ground me? Oh, are you gonna tie me down? Four eyes closed, four feet in, It feels good when I am tied to You
The Lenticular Dress by Antoine Peters | A film by Oscar Verpoort

The Lenticular Dress by Antoine Peters | A film by Oscar Verpoort

A dress with different faces, 'The Lenticular dress' demands the viewer to suspend judgement. The design has a pattern that changes depending on the viewer's angle of perspective. Filmmaker Oscar Verpoort caught the optical illusion in this powerful video. For the Te[ch]x(t)iles project from MOTI (Museum Of The Image) Peters formulated the ambition to make his prints, which until now were always created on fabrics in 2D, more dynamic. Inspired by lenticular printing, enabling a picture to move by means of a lens, Peters investigated the possibility of applying this technique on textile and created a 'multiple pattern' dress. Since the development of a thin lens is a long process, Peters took an intermediate step; instead of reducing this lenticular technique he actually enlarged it and converted this into a traditional textile adaptation: pleats. Lenticular printing is mainly used for cards and cases. By applying this principle to clothing, the dynamics of movement, contrast and surprise is suddenly directly related to a person, the wearer. The wearer can hide by turning the black side to the viewer, or placing herself on the forefront by showing the colourful side. This is something that Peters would like to investigate further within a next project. Antoine: "It's about the little surprise that the dress brings to the individual and her environment. Design is more and more about meeting the consumer's wishes. You should be able to design it yourself, it should respond to the environment (hot or cold) or the person (physical, mood). I believe in the strength, vision and power of the designer. Suppose everything responds to our personality or desires, what shapes us then? I do not want to take into account the mood of a person, I want to have a positive influence.'' CREDITS: A film by Oscar Verpoort Music by Krause & Mike Luck Graphics by Karen van de Kraats Model Yoyo @ Rocket Garage Make-up & hair by Ellen van Exter for Ellis Faas Cosmetics & Keune Production by Floor Schiphorst Camera by Max Maloney First assistance by Janneke van Rooijen & Dien de WInter Lighting by Singel Film Thanks to Marc Deurloo The lenticular dress is part of the Te[ch]x(t)iles exhibition at MOTI, Museum Of The Image Breda made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL and Print Unlimited. Copyright 2013 Antoine Peters
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